Multi-city trips across France

The Best of France

The rail routes embrace the top 100 must-see French cities.
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and trip's duration.
The Best of France
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The rail routes embrace the top 100 must-see French cities

Standing on ground feet - better for the health of our planet

Large and convenient route network. Not all cities have airports, but there are train stations and platforms even in villages.

Trains are late less often than the aircraft.

More space on the train. You can lie down, walk around or stand in the wagon and enjoy the views

Most train stations are located in the city center. This way you save time and money on airport transfers

You can take food and drinks in unlimited quantities

There's the much bigger baggage allowance.
We always think that planes are faster, simpler, and more convenient than trains. Why do we have such strange confidence in the air? 2020 showed us the other side of the coin - we remembered the advantages of trains.

Ask yourself the questions: do I need to register for a train? do I need to check my luggage? do I have to wait for my luggage at the baggage claim? do I have to wait for a boarding call for flight? The difference is obvious.

Flying by plane is undoubtedly a safe and habitual way of traveling for everyone. But it is worth noting that a plane is harmful to the environment - and therefore to us.

The main advantages of traveling by train